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  • Requirements Early Education Scholarship Program

Requirements Early Education Scholarship Program (08-2) October 1, 2008 - March 31, 2009

BENEFICIARY: A Unity House beneficiary is defined as a past, present, or retired union member or friends of labor in the State of Hawaii and other similar organizations.

An official Unity House APPLICATION (Completed & submitted by deadline)

APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE: New Applicant: $15.00 per child - Receive a $5.00 discount off the fee if you download the application from our website. ALL Renewals: $10.00 per child. Make check payable to Unity House, Inc. (Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be assessed a Unity House service charge of $25.00 per check)

BIRTH CERTIFICATE (New applicants only): Copy of child's birth certificate.

PHOTOGRAPH: (Required if New) A photograph of the applicant. Optional if Renewing. It may be used in promotional material representing Unity House, Inc.

GROUP CHILD CARE FACILITY: The child must be enrolled in a licensed group child care facility, as defined by the State of Hawaii, according to the Hawaii Revised Statues, Chapter 346, the applicable Hawaii Administrative Rules or the state in which the facility is located in and acceptable under Unity House's guidelines. (NOT including "A+", "Kindergarten", & Drop-In Centers)

The following three (3) documents are required by the Group Child Care Facility. Unity House will send these forms directly to the named facility for completion. Award is contingent upon receiving these forms. If we do not receive these forms, award will be denied. If you receive a denial letter due to the incompletion of these documents, the applicant's Parent(s) or Legal Guardian will be responsible to resolve this issue directly with the facility.

FACILITY VERIFICATION FORM: To confirm that the FACILITY is licensed and/or certified as required by the State of Hawaii.

CHILD ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION FORM: To certify that the child is enrolled during the period of the award.

LICENSE: A copy of the Group Child Care Facility's current Operating License is required.

Special family circumstances concerning beneficiary status or other issues for eligibility purposes will be taken into consideration.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Under the Internal Revenue Code and the Internal Revenue Service Rules, Regulations and Revenue Rulings, Early Education Assistance awards of at least $600.00 will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 1099-MISC.

For complete information, be sure to download all forms during the Open Enrollment Period.

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