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  • Requirements for Higher Education

Requirements for Higher Education BENEFICIARY: A Unity House beneficiary is defined as a past, present, or retired union member or friends of labor in the State of Hawaii and other similar organizations.

An official Unity House APPLICATION (Completed & submitted by deadline)

APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE: New Applicant: $35.00 per student - Receive a $5.00 discount off the fee if you download the application from our website. ALL Renewals: $25.00 per student. Make check payable to: Unity House, Inc. (Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be assessed a Unity House service charge of $25.00 per check)

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: New Applicant: Two Letters. Renewals: One Letter. Must be current and written by people such as a coach, teacher, employer, counselor, etc. Letters written by family members will not be accepted!

650 WORD ESSAY: NEW Applicants Only! A written essay on the history/background of Unity House.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE: New: 0 hours. Renewals: 5 hours or 650 word essay on the background of Unity House.

PHOTOGRAPH: NEW Applicants Only! Optional if Renewing. A photograph of the applicant is required. It may be used in promotional material representing Unity House, Inc.

TRANSCRIPT: Copy of CURRENT/COMPLETED SPRING semester or LAST COMPLETED term grades & MUST reflect a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.


All Higher Education Scholarship applicants are now required to be a registered voter within the State of Hawaii or where you currently reside. If you are already a registered voter, a "Voter Certificate" is available at any Satellite City Hall office for a fee of $0.50 each. This document must be picked up by the registered voter in person only. ID and signature are required.

For new voters, "Wikiwiki Voter Registration" forms are available statewide as follows: Yellow Pages, All Public Libraries, All U.S. Post Offices, Office of the City/County Clerk, Satellite City Hall locations, Most State Agencies, & State of Hawaii Tax Booklet Insert. Forms and instructions are also available to download at http://www.hawaii.gov/elections/voters/registration.htm.
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