Notary Services are available FREE of charge for our beneficiaries and their families. 

A Notary Public is a person appointed by the state government to be an impartial witness to the signing of documents and/or administer oaths.  A Notary Public is considered a public official but is prohibited to give legal advice.

Each signer must be present and have a valid and current photo ID (within the last 5 years).  Proper identification such as Hawaii Driver's License or ID Card, US Passport, US Military ID Card, Driver's License or ID Card issued by another state is REQUIRED!

For loan document signing, you will also need to provide a photocopy of your ID to include in your loan document package.

A Notary Public is prohibited from notarizing the following documents:  Incomplete documents, Copies of documents (except Powers of Attorney), Certificates (birth, death, marriage, etc), Photographs, Faxed or copied signatures, Documents signed outside of Notary's presence.

Service is available by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call us at 945-0050.