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Unity House Moments

Here is a collection of various Unity House moments that we have captured through the years. Lots of great memories, events and people. More...

Photos of Cosmic Bowling Events

View some great photos of our past Cosmic bowling events. More...

Retiree Excursion Alii Tour 2008

Everyone had a great time during our Alii Tour. It was a very educational and fun-filled day for all. More...

Vegas Photo Gallery

Here are the highlights of our Vegas event. From the smiles on their faces and the great prizes on their hands, it looks like everyone had a blast. We can't wait for the next event! More...

Retirement Event 2007

Everyone has a lot to be thankful for at Unity House and we're glad they enjoyed this Thanksgiving lunch. It was a great way to catch up with everyone. More...

Unity House Golf Tournament (Daytime) 11/2006

Here are some of the Highlights during the Daytime event of our Golf Tournament. More...

Aloha Week Parade - Building Unity House Float

Here are some of the great moments we had as prepared and built our Float for the Aloha Week Parade. A lot of hard work but lots of fun as well! More...

Unity House Golf Tournament (Banquet) 11/2006

Highlights of the awarding event of our Golf Tournament. Congratulations to everyone! More...

Unity Zoolites 2006

This was a great event that both the keikis and the whole family enjoyed. Great lights, great company! More...

Aloha Week Parade - Unity House Float

All that hard work has paid off as our float joins the Aloha Week Parade. Mahalo to everyone who helped make the float and to those whole joined in the parade. More...

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