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The purpose of Unity House Incorporated (UHI) is TO PROMOTE THE TRUE AND PROPER INTEREST OF AND TO ASSIST THE WORKING INDIVIDUALS OF THE STATE OF HAWAII by raising their standard of living and working conditions, by seeking to enhance the quality and quantity of jobs in the State of Hawaii…by assisting working individuals, beneficiaries and their families when in trouble and need or in distress; by providing suitable quarters for the meeting, assembling, recreation, and education of beneficiaries and their families and by developing a code of ethics among the beneficiaries and by wholeheartedly cooperating in every way with the unions in which working individuals may be members.

TO SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to promote democratic principles, and to inspire in its beneficiaries a sense of civic responsibility; securing and retaining the goodwill, confidence and respects of the community in the democracy and integrity of its beneficiaries; investigating and studying all pending and existing legislative and political matters affecting the community… proposing legislation for the benefit and welfare of the community…bringing to the knowledge of the people of the State of Hawaii that the beneficiaries are hardworking people desirous of improving their way of life for themselves and their families…creating harmony and seeking the cooperation of public officials in the attainment of these ideals…and cooperating with all other organizations which have for their fundamental principles and ideals the American form of government.
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  • About Art Rutledge
    With the creation of Unity house, Art Rutledge did what no other man had ever done. More...
  • History
    Founded by the late Arthur A. Rutledge, Unity House Incorporated is a Hawaii non-profit corporation which has been serving Hawaii's people since 1951. More...
  • Officers, Committees And Staff
    Unity House, Inc. is fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse group of team players. More...
  • About Unity House
    Unity House Incorporated is a Hawaii non-profit corporation which has been serving Hawaii's people since 1951.
  • Programs and Services
    View some of the great programs and services we have for our beneficiaries.
  • Annual Special Events
    Unity House is dedicated to providing a variety of events for our beneficiaries.
  • Scholarships
    Unity House has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships over the past decade to thousands of young people.
  • Discounts and Specials
    We have great specials and discounts for our beneficiaries.

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