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Officers, Committees And Staff

Officers, Committees And Staff
Unity House, Inc. is fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse board of directors and team players. Click on any link to contact one of our team players.

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Officers as of November 29, 2012
President / Assistant Secretary / Director - Arlene Ilae
Executive Vice President / Secretary / Chairman / Director - James Boersema
Senior Vice President / Treasurer / Director - Bob Fishman
1st Vice President / Director - Sonny Dudoit
2nd Vice President / Director - Alika Jamile
2nd Vice President / Sgt of Arms / Director - Adam Emos

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Eric Gill/Financial Secretary Treasurer UNITE H.E.R.E., Local 5
Ronan Kozuma/President Hawaii Teamsters & Allied Workers, Local 996

Executive Committee
James Boersema
Arlene Ilae
Adam Enos
Bob Fishman

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Legal Affairs
Chairperson - TBA
Bob Fishman, James Boersema, Adam Enos, Sonny Dudoit, Arlene Ilae
Community Awareness
James Boersema - Chairperson
Arlene Ilae
Bob Fishman - Chairperson
Arlene Ilae, James Boersema, Adam Enos, Sonny, Dudoit, Alex Jamile
Education Committee (Scholarship/Childcare)
Committee suspended until programs are reinstated
Events/Sports & Other
Arlene Ilae - Chairperson
Kaui Akana, Lowell Kaanehe, Sonny Dudoit
Chairperson - TBA
James Boersema, Bob Fishman, Adam Enos, Sonny Dudoit, Alex, Jamile, Arlene Ilae
Nominations & Elections
James Boersema - Chairman
Robert Fishman, Adam Enos

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Our Mission
The Purpose Of Unity House Incorporated (UHI) Is To Promote The True And Proper Interest Of And To Assist The Working Individuals Of The State Of Hawaii. More...
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With the creation of Unity house, Art Rutledge did what no other man had ever done. More...
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