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  • A New Unity House

A New Unity House A new chapter at Unity House:
  • Out of receivership
  • A new board of directors
  • Reinstatement of our beneficiaries services department
  • A new commitment
  • A new website
  • much more...
Although Unity House has faced some difficult times during the past few of years, we are now back on track working towards a better tomorrow. Just to name a few accomplishments we are pleased to inform you that since the return of the reconstituted Board of Directors we have made tremendous strides in the financial arena and in expanding the services and programs for our beneficiaries. Unity House, for the first time in many years, is now debt free.

In addition, since the reinstatement of our beneficiaries Services Department, we have been able to reach out to our beneficiaries on a more personal level than was allowed during the receivership. This service has resulted in an increase of participants in our programs and has provided our beneficiaries a better understanding of Unity House and its mission. Even so, we know there are many true beneficiaries who still are not taking advantage of our services. We encourage you to let others, who would rightfully qualify as a Unity House Beneficiary, know about us and help them contact us to sign up for our programs.

As the Board of Directors of Unity House, Inc. we are honored to be part of this wonderful organization. Each of us comes from different backgrounds and brings different skills and ideas to Unity House in our role as a Director. But, despite our differences, we are all dedicated to the spirit and ideals that caused the founders of Unity House to create this unique organization. Our commitment to you is that we will never forget those ideals; and we will do our best to protect Unity House so that it can continue to be a vibrant and active player in Hawaii for its working people for many years to come.

A hui hou kakou, Malama Pono (Until again, take care of yourself) !
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  • Board of Directors Message
    Learn more about our vision to support our mission for future generations.
  • James Boersema
    Chairman of the Board
  • Arlene Ilae
  • Robert Fishman
  • Sonny Dudoit
  • Adam Emos
  • Alex Jamile
  • Designated Director 1 - Eric Gill -UNITE H.E.R.E., Local 5
  • Designated Director 2 - Ronan Kozuma - Hawaii Teamsters, Local 996
  • About Unity House
    Unity House Incorporated is a Hawaii non-profit corporation which has been serving Hawaii's people since 1951.
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    View some of the great programs and services we have for our beneficiaries.
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    Unity House is dedicated to providing a variety of events for our beneficiaries.
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    Unity House has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships over the past decade to thousands of young people.
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